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Online applications are invited from students of J&K wishing to pursue Degree Education outside the State for admission under Special Scholarship Scheme for J&K

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A scholarship Scheme entitled “Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir” (SSSJ&K) has been launched by the Department of Higher Education, from the academic year 2011-12. Students belonging to the State of Jammu & Kashmir, pursuing general degree courses, medical courses, engineering courses, etc. outside the State of J&K , may apply for scholarship under this scheme. Details of the scheme are given in the guidelines.   Important Pointers:

  1. The scholarship covers the entire fee for the student selected for the scholarship.
  2. Total 5000 Scholarships are being offered under this scheme
Education Category/Discipline No.s Scholarship Details*
Tuition fees (In Rupees) Ceiling for hostel fees and incidentals(per annum) in rupees
General Education 4500 Upto 30,000 per annum 1,00,000
Engineering Education 250 Upto 1,25,000 per annum 1,00,000
Medical Education 4500 Upto 30,000 per annum 1,00,000
*Payment would be at actual subject to above limits

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Student Eligibility Criteria
S.No Criteria name Criteria requirement
1 Class XII or equivalent marks As stipulated by respective regulatory bodies
2 Domicile Valid domicile certificate of J&K
3 Passing criteria of XII or equivalent State board of J&K or from CBSE affiliated school located in J&K
4 Family income Below Rs 6.0 lakhs per annum

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Schedule: Important dates
Activity Date
Registration on the NIMT portal 16/07/2013 to 02/08/2013
Display of Merit list 12/08/2013
The allotment of seats based on choice and Merit 19/08/2013
Confirmation of admission to the respective institution On or before 29/08/2013
All the admitted students in the process shall now re-enter the online portal using their login ID and password, and enter the fee and other details as required 07/09/2013 to 20/09/2013
NIMT will process all the applications received(both online as well as offline) and submit the final list of eligible students to MHRD By 30th October, 2013
The scholarship amount will be credited to the account of the concerned student through DBT Date to be informed later
Verification of documents Date to be informed later