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1. Academic and social development
At NIMT, you’ll get the chance to develop socially and personally, helping you to build self-confidence as you become more independent and responsible. Depending on the course that you choose, you’ll learn all sorts of different skills – for instance managing your time properly, or communicating with others effectively – that will still be useful after you leave.

2. Multicultural environment
Students from over 20 countries also attend NIMT, so you’ll be able to make friends and socialise with people from cultures and backgrounds very different from your own. Our Language Services Unit also enables you to take language classes alongside your chosen course.

3. Improve career prospects by following a vocation
Careers like nursing, education or law all require a degree. Courses like these allow you to start a career, and not just a job after you graduate. NIMT offers many practice-based courses like these that enable you to get hands-on experience that will prepare you for your future. You’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded people in your chosen field from the day you start!

4. Sport
We’re committed to providing the best environment and facilities for our students, and this applies to sport and fitness activities, as well as academic ones.  The campus offers gymnasium, physiotherapy and wellness centre, spa with student discounts, allowing you to look after yourself without breaking the bank!As well as keeping you fit and healthy, sports clubs and societies are a great way of meeting people away from your course or halls.

5.Student support
Studying at NIMT can be one of the most exciting periods of your life, but it can also throw you into new and alien situations that mean you might need help or advice. We want students to get the most out of their time at NIMT, so we provide a range of services, from general questions and guidance on academic issues, through to counselling and careers advice. Whether you feel intimidated by the workload, are struggling to manage your finances, or even if you feel a bit homesick, our staff services will be able to help you out.