3 Years
Undergraduate Degree
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NIMT Institute of Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Greater Noida

3 Years

Undergraduate Degree

The Vocational course is a three-year programme that consists of a combination of Practical, Theory and Generic (provided by TISS-SVE) courses.
The three-year program will be divided into 6 semesters; 2 semesters per year. 1st year will be a Diploma, 2nd year will be Advance Diploma & 3rd year will be a Degree. The program is a work-integrated training which includes on-the-job training (practical) for 4 to 5 days a week and 1 day of theory training. The courses also include a generic module for the overall development of the candidate.

A graduate of B. Voc.in OPT is an all-rounder as far as technologies in a optometry department is concerned. 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. This makes our eye sight a very important sense organ. Many problems and diseases related to eyes can be treated/ cured if detected early. In order to be sure about the clarity of vision/eyesight, it is very important to have regular eye check-ups with Eye Care Professionals. But as there is high possibility that, Ophthalmologists won't be available everywhere, that's where an Optometrist can help out in treating few of these eye problems.

The need for such professionals has been expressed not only by the Healthcare Industry Employers, but also the Consumers of this Industry, i.e., patients. Considering this dearth of well-trained & qualified personnel’s in this field, this Three Year Graduation Program of B. Voc. in Optometry is formulated. This course envisages in building an overall expertise in the student with respect to ophthalmic patients to provide them the utmost care, for IPD as well as OPD patients. The students of this course would thus be better alternatives to existing under-trained optometrists in the market with the capability of delivering quality care.

Following Skills related to Optometry would also be developed:

 Optometric Equipment & Instrument Handling
 Performing Various Vision Tests
 Report analysing with Effective Communication Skills
 Maintaining Records of Ophthalmic Investigations etc.

Besides this, the specialized skilled training is offered to the students which make them an asset not only to
Ophthalmologist but also to the patients.

Programme Objectives (PO)
PO1: Perform tests to detect various physiological functions of the eye.
PO2: Diagnose diseases of the eyes
PO3: Handle optometric instruments
PO4: Perform Vision tests
PO5: Treat problems related to the eyes
PO6: Dispense lenses and glasses
PO7: Store records and convey reports to the patients
PO8: Supervise technicians during tests

Course Objective (CO)
CO 1: The learners will acquire skills to be able to assist ophthalmologist for eye examination and tests.
CO 2: The learners will acquire skills to prepare the patients for the test
CO 3: During this course, the learners will learn to maintain a safe, healthy, and secure working environment
CO 4: During this course, the learners will learn to guide patients, before, during and after the conduction of
CO 5: By the end of this course, the learners will be able to update patient records and communicate test results
to the patient.
CO 6: After the completion of course, the learners will be able to supervise technicians and manage a
optometry clinic

Course Learning Outcome (CLO)

CLO 1: Store medical records
CLO 2: Prepare the optical instruments and conduct tests
CLO 3: Conduct analysis of eye conditions.
CLO 4: Maintain a safe, healthy, and secure working environment
CLO 5: Follow infection control and biomedical waste disposal policies and procedures.
CLO 6: Assess central and peripheral sensory visual functions and integrity of visual pathways
CLO 7: Convey information about test results to the patients.
CLO 8: Assist the patient before, during and after the tests

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)
PLO 1: Identify and explain basic optometric instruments
PLO 2: Assist and guide patients before, during and after the conduction of tests.
PLO 3: Monitor, reduce and mange clinical risks and implement patient safety priorities.
PLO 4: Perform analysis of eye conditions
PLO 5: Undertake necessary precaution to avoid occupational safety and health risks.
PLO 6: Comprehend and implement Good Optometry Practices and the Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP)
PLO 7: Follow appropriate bio medical and infectious waste disposal protocols
PLO 8: Perform all kind of optometry tests
PLO 9: Work with different imaging systems related to optometry
PLO 10: Interpret test results and convey the same to the patients
PLO 11: Supervise or manage a optometry department
PLO 12: Train and guide subordinates in various roles and responsibilities of a optometry technician.
PLO 13: Demonstrate and guide others in correct disposal of biomedical and infectious wastes
PLO 14: Communicate properly with colleagues, juniors and patients.

Fee (If Paid Yearly)
Fee (If Paid in parts)
1st year fee
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2nd part
2nd year fee
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3rd year fee
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4th year fee
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5th year fee
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Tata Institute of Social Sciences
2021 - 2022, 2022 - 2023, 2023 - 2024
August 20, 2021

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Retired Judge, Allahabad High Court

Hon’ble Dr. Justice Satish Chandra

Ex VC NLSIU, Bengaluru

Prof. (Dr.) R. Venkata Rao


Prof. SukhPal Singh

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