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Department of Computer Science & IT

The Department of Computer Science is a centre for research and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some 80 faculty members form strong internationally competitive research groups in the areas of artificial intelligence, computational biology, database management, media, systems & networking, and programming languages & software engineering. Their works define the cutting edge in defense mechanisms against virus attack in distributed systems, in multimedia multimodal precise question answering, in intelligent analysis of programming errors, and many more. They have been honored with myriad international and local awards for their many contributions and leadership in computer science research.

“How many fields can you get right out of university and define substantial aspects of a product that is going to go out and over 100 million people are going to use it?” – Bill Gates

The programs that our department offers are founded on this strong and vibrant base. Our graduates are computer scientists who can integrate computingrelated theories and practices, and appreciate the value of good engineering design. Their training, which is undergirded with computational thinking, provides them mastery of a technology with great power to change the world, ranging from the sciences, to financial services, engineering and entertainment.