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[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]n recent years, the Indian economy has consistently achieved high rates of growth and in the process it has shifted to a high growth trajectory. In this phase, India’s Infrastructure Sector has also registered an impressive growth. However, to sustain this growth momentum of Indian economy over a much longer period in future, the infrastructure sector needs to accelerate its growth rate and sustain it over a fairly long period. For this purpose, the sector will require not only huge amounts of investments but also a large number of highly skilled managers for efficient implementation and operation of huge infrastructure projects. Currently, there is a large gap between the demand and the availability of trained managerial resources with adequate knowledge and specialization in the infrastructure management. With sustained high growth of Indian economy, this gap is going to widen in the future. Thus, there is an urgent need for establishing an institution of excellence to provide high quality education and training to young persons for shouldering the managerial responsibilities in the infrastructure sector. There is also an urgent need to conduct relevant research and provide appropriate consultancy services to the organizations directly or indirectly associated with the Infrastructure and related sectors. With a view to cater to this crucial need, NIMT established the Department of Management Education way back in 1992.

The main objective of NIMT is to provide high quality education and training to bright and aspirational executives for shouldering managerial responsibilities in the Infrastructure and Allied Sectors.

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GD and PI Dates:

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