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BSc in Radiology and Imaging Technology – BRDIT

Radiologist, Physicians and surgeons who learn the highly-advanced skill of interpreting and diagnosing medical imaging are called radiologists. Assisted by technicians, radiologists use mammography, x-ray, MRI, fluoroscopy, and CT scans to identify illness and disease.

Medical imaging is the technique and process used to create images of the human body (or parts and function thereof) for clinical purposes (medical procedures seeking to reveal, diagnose or examine disease) or medical science (including the study of normal anatomy and physiology).

A Radiologic Technologist, also known as medical radiation technologist and as radiographer, performs imaging of the human body for diagnosis or treating medical problems.

The common subjects of basics in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Surgery & Medicine taught in the 1st year will prepare the student to understand the nature of disease. The hands on experience in the department of Radiology from day one onwards will enable the student to understand the nature of the illness beginning with routine imaging to CT and MRI scans. The students will receive excellent and exhaustive training in these fields to be able to assist senior radiologists.


The course BSc in Radiology and Imaging Technology broadly lays emphasis on the following key areas:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Radiation Physics
  • Radio Diagnosis
  • Pathology
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Specialised Diagnostic Techniques
  • Radiological Technology
  • Radiotherapy

Career Prospects

  • After successful completion of program a student will be capable of holding assignments in hospital and health care institutions, research laboratories and diagnostic centers.
  • Students with an instinct to learn can do higher studies in specialized field of study and can progress as scientists and even can enjoy faculty positions in academic institutions.

Admission Process

Admission to the BSc Radiology and Imaging Technology (BRDIT) Course at NIMT Institute of Medical and Paramedical Sciences Greater Noida is based on  10+2 Merit. Last date to apply to this course is 12 AUG 2019

Stage 1

Stage 2

Once the application is submitted, the application is reviewed by the admissions committee

Stage 3

Admission Decision is communicated to the candidate individually or in the form of merit list that is published on the website.


The NIMT Institute of Medical and Paramedical Sciences offers various facilities that help the students learn better.

Course Fee

Student Nationality Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
For Indian Students Tuition Fee:  88,000  88,000  88,000
Academic Charges: 5,000 NIL NIL
Admission fees: 5,000 NIL NIL
Development fee: 2,000 NIL NIL
Student Association fee: 1,000 NIL NIL
Registration fee: 2,000 NIL NIL
Total fee:  1,03,000  88,000  88,000

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