Start Time
May 21, 2022
10:00 AM
End Time
May 21, 2022
04:00 PM
41, Knowledge Park 1, Greater Noida
Greater Noida

Event Description

International Conference on Law and Human Rights

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed humanity to a very different vision of humanity’s future. A vast array of humans life has been altered with legal implications following the pandemic like never before. Under the pretext of keeping public health, numerous rights, such as freedom of movement and freedom of assembly, have been either curtailed or limited in very unequal ways without a clear indication of when or how they will be restored. This pandemic has been experienced in a very different way for every group in society. As inequality became wider, this pandemic has also been disrupting deeply both social and economic fabrics and eroding the government’s legitimacy and yet capacity to take necessary, proportional, and appropriate actions in tackling the issue effectively. At the same time, the acceleration of digitalization has transformed the mode of production radically bringing consequences where a lot of jobs lost during the pandemic never return again. The mode of information was altered deeply with the inception of more digitalized forms and consciousness of communication, in the public side, (it is) marked by the rise of counter-narrative in form of ‘conspiracy theories and in the government side with the emergence of a new model of state’s surveillance. Therefore, the understanding of the law and human rights should be reimagined in a very different vision.

This forum strives to highlight the divergent problems and issues relating to the various facets of law and human rights related to the impact caused by the pandemic. Important to note that the pandemic also has a very different magnitude on Global North and Global South. A wide range of approaches and discussions should be scrutinized in a very careful way. As the pandemic convulses government confidence and public resilience greatly, trial and error should not be taken for granted, bold and inclusive approaches are much more urgent than ever before.

Therefore in the wake of such looming crises, the NIMT Institute of Method and Law, Greater Noida calls up and invites scholars, practitioners, and policymakers at all stages and across disciplinary boundaries to contribute to the Forum on Law and Human Rights in May 2022. Innovative and experimental ideas are strongly encouraged to be submitted. Given the current situation, the meeting would be held both virtually and on campus.





International cooperation

Social-economic cohesion

Narrative and counter-narrative

Public leadership

Liberty, privacy, and universal rights

Freedom of movement and immigration

Alternative forms of Justice

Vulnerable groups

Women and children

A court proceeding in Pandemic

Virtual Arbitration Proceeding

Collective mass movement

Technology disparity

Correctional Practices

Open data and governance

Policymaking process

Healthcare industry

Government legitimacy and public confidence

Public health system in Global South

E-commerce consumer protection

Small – Medium Business  


Please prepare your paper in MS Word according to the following instructions:

1. The manuscript should be written in English approximately 4000-9000 words (5-10 pages) including the references, on an A4 size paper, with the Time New Romans font, 10-pt size, a single space, and double column.

2. The manuscript is written in journal format systematically, which includes: Article’s Title, Author’s Identity, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Research Method, Findings and Discussion (consisting of subdivisions), Conclusions, and References.

3. The title of the article must be straightforward and specific which illustrates the main point of the article comprehensively. It should be placed at the top of the manuscript, centred in alignment with a 24 pt size. The Author’s Identity consists of Author’s name, the Author’s Institution, Author’s Institution Address, Author's Email Address. It should be placed under the title with a 10 pt size. Both the title and author’s identity should be written in one column.

4. The Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Research Method, Findings and Discussion (consisting of subdivisions), Conclusions, and References should be written in two columns, justified alignment.

5. The first line of Introduction, Research Method, Findings and Discussion (consisting of subdivisions) and Conclusions should be indented by 0.5 cm. The top and bottom margin for each is 2,5 cm whereas the left and right margin is 1,6 cm.

6. The method of reference and citation refers to the IEEE style. Information about IEEE style, can be downloaded at It is strongly recommended to use citation manager, especially Mendeley. More information about Mendeley can be checked at its official website,

7. The paragraph of reference should be intended to hang.

The manuscript has been sent to

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 05th May,2022

Selected Abstract Announcement: 07th May,2022

Full Paper Submission: 15th May 2022

Date of Conference: 20th May 2022

Organising Secretary: Mr Pritish Kishore

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