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The whole personality development is the need of hour. At NIMT Institute of Method and Law, we not only focus on the academics, but also we understand the value of extra – curricular activities.The importance of extracurricular activities alongside an educational course curriculum cannot be emphasized enough. Extracurricular activities range from athletics, various sports, scouts, girl guides, debating, music and chess to paramilitary groups like the cadets. A great career can be achieved with a balanced lifestyle when a person is involved well in extra – curricular activities apart from the regular academics.

Why is it needed???

There is already enough pressure on students to learn a vast variety of subjects in schools and colleges. It is a big challenge for students to understand and cope with the course curriculum. With so much pressure and strain on the human brain, it needs some relaxation too. This is accomplished through games/sports or any other kind of extra curriculum like music, dance, drama etc. which not only help a young body increase its stamina but also refresh the mind. A healthy life outside the

classroom is required for every student to perform well not only in the exams but also in their life in future.

NIMT Institute of Method and Law understand it fairly well, and work on that aspect only.

Extracurricular activities – Do they help???         

Not every parent believes in the importance of extra-curricular activities in student life. But, it is beneficial in many ways as explained below:

  1. Academic Performance:The grades of students involved in extra- curricular activities are higher than those who are stuck only to their books. It is evident from various studies conducted worldwide on students of both types. Extra curriculum boosts the self-esteem of a person which in turn brings a level of confidence to face the academic examinations. Skills learnt during an extra-curricular activity such as managing time, organization of things, team building etc. helps them to apply them in classroom too. They are better at expressing themselves.

NIMT Institute of Method and Law has been delivering consistently good results in terms of marks owing to the vast exposure to extra-curricular activities on campus that facilitate learning that can be applied.

  1. Planning:Extra curriculum makes a person a better planner. In any field of life, it is important to plan anything that you do. A student should also be able to plan to manage hobbies, extra curriculum, and academics in a balanced manner. The exposure to various activities makes it easier for them to plan well and go far ahead in everything they do. Also, they learn new and useful things.

Gym and sports facilities at NIMT Institute of Method and Law offer an opportunity to students to plan their schedule well to incorporate fitness and thus are great in routine building

  1. Commitment:A sense of commitment is the basic rule of every sport or club which conducts extra-curricular activities. When a student is into it, he/she must be committed to what they are assigned to do and complete it under any circumstances. This practice makes them responsible in all other areas of life. Being bound to any relationship or work is accomplished when the student understands the necessity for commitment practically.

Various events conducted in NIMT Institute of Method and Law requires commitment at student’s end to make them a success. The great show that the participants put up at each event is conclusive of the sheer commitment they put in apart from their studies.

  1. Social Responsibility:It is important for a person to grow up to a good citizen with social responsibility. Many extra-curricular activities motivate students towards their social responsibility. For instance, a street clean up activity will expose students towards their responsibility to nature. Integrating these activities in everyday life shapes a person with social responsibility and moral values.

NIMT Institute of Method and Law conducts various drives that connect the students with social issues and the neglected strata of society. It helps to inculcate empathy towards environment, surroundings, and fellow beings

  1. Higher Education and Job prospects:There are various quotas which are applicable to students who have performed well in extra-curricular activities especially in government jobs and related sectors. For instance, the NCC – National Cadet Corps candidates are given priority to admission to various higher degree courses as well as in career entrance exams. Also, sports scholarships enable a student to get exposed to better career avenues and higher education.

The focus of NIMT on sports has enabled students to perform well in college, state and national level sports events and their participation has won them accolades and preference in various future endeavors.

  1. Career:As explained in the above points, a student involved in extra-curricular activities will be good at team work, understand prospects better, well behaved, able to manage time in a planned manner and are excellent in adapting to situations. These are the qualities required for a good career. Hence, the probability of getting a job is very high for such students. Answering a job interview or performing in a general entrance for a competitive examination of a responsible job will be easier if a student is involved in extra-curricular activities.

One thing that we have learned from placement drives at NIMT Institute of Method and Law is that employers are always on the lookout for multifaceted candidates and our students have always served the requirements just right and have been absorbed in various jobs owing to their all-round performance.

A multidimensional, socially responsible citizen is developed out of a student who is active both in academics and extra-curricular activities. However, a student has a wide range of choices to choose when it comes to extra-curricular activities. A student can do what they like and enjoy them equally which relaxes their mind and improves physical fitness. Any number of activities can be chosen to develop of multitasking ability in young minds. If you are looking for an institute that offers ample opportunity for growth by encouraging extracurricular activities alongside the course, NIMT Institute of Method and Law is your best bet.



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