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Recruiting the best possible people is key to a company’s success. NIMT is one of the india’s leading group of colleges, and NIMT graduates are of the highest quality.

General recruitment

The Careers Service is the first point of contact for any organisation interested in recruiting Cambridge graduates. The office works with students and employers to ensure that both make appropriate decisions. The Careers Service can also help companies recruit students for vacation placements.


Why Recruit from NIMT

  • NIMT aims to nurture graduates who are critical thinkers, creative and globally effective by providing a diverse, all-encompassing and holistic education experience. Students are given the flexibility to chart their own academic courses from a wide selection of modules and multi-disciplinary initiatives.
  • Innovative programmes that are unique to NIMT  further broaden our students’ intellectual and global outlook, With a multi-faceted education programme that meets student aspirations and passions while addressing future challenges, we aim to develop well-rounded, academically strong individuals steeped in values, who will become global citizens and leaders of society.
  • Students are given live projects in the form of business analysis, making new business plans, conducting surveys and encouraging them to take up new entrepreneurial activities.
  • Our renowned faculty members are involved in facilitating learning through extensive classroom discussions and are respected members of the industry
  • Residential/close-knit campus
  • Applied curriculum
  • “Real-life,” project-oriented educational experience
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Demonstration of a strong work ethic and readiness to work
  • Admissions to NIMT are purely based on the candidates’ merit. The courses are  highly specialized and involves  few intakes. The stringent selection criterion at NIMT, which involves a tailor made aptitude test and an interview, ensures selection of students who are not only the most capable but also those who are aligned to the specific course. The applicant to selection ratio is an impressive 200:1


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