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While many perceive India to be an “up and coming” global power, recent statistics show it continues to lag behind in its equal treatment of women and girls. According to the 2013 United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Report, India ranks 132nd out of 187 countries for gender equality. Indeed, the report noted that “all countries in South Asia, with the exception of Afghanistan, were a better place for women than India.”

The study also showed that, in India, “only 26.6 percent of women over 25 years received a secondary education in 2012, compared to 50.4 percent of men.” This is compared to the United States where 94.7 percent women have received a secondary education and China where 54.8 percent of women have a secondary education.
The lack of investment in girl’s education shortchanges girls, their families, their communities, their country, and indeed, our world. Studies have shown that if India enrolled just one percent more girls in secondary school, its GDP would rise by $5.5 billion.

NIMT beileves in the philosophy that Changing the course of a girl’s life in India through education is within our reach.

To substantiate this the organization started Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Hotel Management exclusively for girls at most nominal fees as prescribed by the university. Education of girls in India is difficult when they have to travel long distances for classes. To further boost coinfidence of girls and encourage higher education of girls, the organization built high standard hostels for girls with high security, again at nominal charges. Changing the course of a girl’s life in India through education is within our reach. Let’s get started today!

Reference: HuffingtonPost

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