Nimt is built by a group of passionate, innovative, relentless individuals, who are constantly striving to provide a best education experience to the students.[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]


[/one_fourth_last]While years of experience are always beneficial for a candidate, Nimt’s focus is to hire those who are able to consistently raise the bar and introduce a variety of innovations to move this organization forward. As Nimt grows, we feel it is absolutely necessary that our employees are also able to grow professionally with the organization.

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Nimt is an organization unafraid of change – within itself, and the world around it. It understands ‘change’ in a way that is revolutionary, truly unique to the young person of the 21st century – the era of hustle and bustle, loneliness, terror, fear, forgetfulness, and the individual. If you are looking for internship jobs that can improve your work experience and be a stong point in your resume then click the internships button to view current internship openings.

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We believe that the strength and success of the organization lies in its staff. Staff is not just the key assets, but also the key differentiator. We provide opportunities to work in various specialised fields and diversified projects facilitating planned professional and career development. Nimt provides unlimited opportunities for growth available to the meritorious. If you are looking for a full time job that could boost your career then click the button below.

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[three_fourth]If you don’t find a suitable opportunity, you can also submit your résumé/CV to be matched for future opportunities as they arise. Send us your best “Why you’re good” brief resume at jobs@nimtgroup.edu.in[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last][button link=”mailto:jobs@nimtgroup.edu.in” size=”medium” target=”blank”]Email Resume[/button][/one_fourth_last]