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Medical writing is a field where, the medical writers convey written messages of different scientific sections like companies, doctors, teachers etc, to different audiences like patients, students and other consumers. For example, pharmaceutical drug companies would expect a medical writer to create written content describing their drug. The technical complexity of the written content will vary according to target audiences. For example in case of doctors the drug description will involve all the details like chemical composition of the drug, chemical structures, reactions involved,  the drug pathway in host metabolism etc. But for the other consumers a simplified version of the same might be more effective in putting across the message.

To summarize, medical writing involves creating scientific content involving all areas of scientific community.

Now talking about the areas where a medical writer can explore their opportunities is, writing manuscripts for different audiences. The size and type of the audiences varies.  The content includes preparing scientific manuscripts journals, fliers, banners, posters, abstracts, other articles and presentations. Also, they need to create study materials, monographs in written, print, or digital form. The medical writers are also involved in presenting the content in live conferences, seminars and scientific meetings.

Medical writers are also expected to build a relation with their clients to better understand the type of message they want to convey to their audiences. Medical writers are also expected to create e-solutions like websites and digital strategies.

A medical writer always gets a brain stimulus with new projects coming their way. A person with passion of expressing through writing can create a niche for themselves in the scientific circle. With new companies coming in and digitalization of learning, the field of medical writing is slowly budding in. Hence people from scientific background with effective verbal and written communication skills are exploring this new branch. A medical writer in this profession feels personal and professional growth and is at glee as it has a creative bend as well.

Written by: Dr Manisha Sharma

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