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While it is well-known that students can not pursue two degree programmes from the same or different university/institution. What isn’t known is that the Distance Education Council (DEC) has approved a policy on pursuing two or more programmes simultaneously in various combinations subject to conditions.

The move comes as a relief to thousands of students who want to maximize their time in college by doing a course or two in an allied field to grow in their respective careers. According to the new policy, a student can pursue two programmes simultaneously through distance mode or combination of distance and regular modes from the same or different Universities / Institutions in various combinations, viz.,

  • One Degree and one Diploma/ P G Diploma/ Certificate
  • One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
  • One Diploma and one Certificate
  • Two P G Diplomas
  • Two Diplomas
  • Two Certificates

So, if you are pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism, then you can enroll for a certificate programme or diploma in allied fields like print media/ radio and television/ film appreciation or photo journalism from the same university or any other. However, even now students can not pursue two full time degree programmes simultaneously.

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