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Rocket Internet is one of the world’s largest internet incubators with over 100 market leading companies in its portfolio, employing more than 20 000 people worldwide. Our success is based on an international team of highly motivated young entrepreneurs combined with the central intelligence for key knowledge within the online industry – (Online) Marketing excellence. Rocket’s mission is to create great companies worldwide. To achieve this goal, we want not only to attract, but also develop talent with the skills needed to be successful early on. It is never too early to start your entrepreneurial career!

Guided by this philosophy, we are hereby introducing the first international Rocket Internet “Online Marketing Webinar for aspiring entrepreneurs”. For achieving a high relevancy and providing 100% real-life, hands-on knowledge and insights, the webinar is conducted together with our young (founded autumn 2012) and multinational (12 countries and growing) portfolio venture CupoNation.

The Webinar for aspiring entrepreneurs

Through this series of webinars, we would like to share our knowledge and knowhow on building a successful startup based on the case study of CupoNation. The webinar will consist of two 2-hour sessions held by Managing Directors of Rocket Internet companies supported by functional experts. The following topics will be covered during the webinar:

  1. Lessons learned from building international start-ups (2013-11-21, 13:00 CET)This session will focus on the process involved in launching your own venture successfully. Amongst other things, Dr. Fruth will cast light on establishing an optimized business model, getting the right team on board, careful selection of market, conceptualization of business and managing the actual roll out process.

  2. Rights and Wrongs of the Online Marketing World (2013-11-28, 13:00 CET)Understanding the marketing channels and having a sound reporting system are the key pillars to any online start-up. Dr. Fruth will explain Online Marketing channels including search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. Furthermore, key performance indicators and business intelligence reporting would be explicitly discussed to understand their impact on your business.
  3. Real life case study for students – “CupoNation’s Coupon Challenge”All interested students will get the opportunity to work closely on an exciting case study on one of our ventures, CupoNation:“The Coupon Challenge”. CupoNation is one of the leading actors on the rapidly expanding international couponing market. This contest details would be published after the second webinar session and will run for two weeks in over 12 countries spread over 3 continents. The top winners from the contest would be awarded with a chance to The best participants from every country will be awarded an interview and will be considered for an Online Marketing or Business Development position at CupoNation. The overall winner can choose between a three-month internship in Munich with included accommodation or a MacBook Pro.

After every session there will be time for your inquiries and questions concerning building up an online company.

All sessions will cover a mix of theory, tools and methods, examples and experiences from our international activities. Many of the topics discussed are exclusive and Rocket Internet internal praxis. Participants will get a profound understanding of Online Marketing for web businesses, key challenges and opportunities. After the webinar you will get the opportunity to put your skills to the test in our The Coupon Challenge.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar please contact:,,

The webinar is free of cost for students and in order to participate in the webinar, the students would have to register themselves at

To get more information on the international challenge, please visit after 28th of November, 2013.


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