Our approach is built on scientific research of how children learn. Students learn new subject matter in dynamic ways that spark curiosity and increase motivation.

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What is STEAM and Why is it Important?

Picture it.

A world without life-saving medicine.
Or clean water.
Or food to eat.
A world with dwindling resources.
With no solutions.

It’s not that hard to picture, right? Because those very things are happening in many places in our world.  And for many, it can feel like there’s no answer to these problems.

But that’s not true. Because there’s hope.
It’s called STEAM. And our kids are the key.

STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. It’s an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems.

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Learning that's not limited to Books

At NIMT School, the learning encompasses not just theoretical learning from books. We ensure each child discovers his/her interests and works on developing those interests into meaningful hobbies. Music, Arts, Sports, Martial Arts, Robotics, and many other activitiesensure each child finds something that sparks his/her interest.

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Learning that’s effortless

At NIMT School, we take years of our learning to make the learning of our children effortless. To be honest, there's lot of effort that goes into making it appear effortless.

Whether you’re a casual builder or you work on slides every day, Pitch gives your team design superpowers.

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NIMT COVID19 Scholarship
available for limited time

In light of COVID19, NIMT School is offering COVID19 Scholarship to all candidates seeking admision. The Scholarship will remain applicable for session 2021-22.

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Events & Activities

September 5, 2019

Teacher's Day 2019

August 23, 2019

Janmashtmi Celbrations

October 8, 2018

Lenskart Eye Check Up Camp

Greater Noida & Ghaziabad
January 8, 2018

Nav Utsav

October 21, 2017

JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival at NIMT

Greater Noida

Tiger Woods plays with own balls, Nike says

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Are you Joey from Friends?

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August 26, 2021
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