5 benefits of hybrid/blended learning

Hybrid learning combines face to face classes and online teaching into one. In this half of the class can take classes on-campus and half of them online. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student. A lot of planning is important to make hybrid learning work. Many students don’t find it useful to go to college and study as they have less time. Mostly working people who wishes to study further find hybrid learning beneficial, as they can do their work and can also study whenever they wish to. They can access and attend classes according to their suitable time and place. They can get their results instantly after submitting their tests online. Online resources are available to study and they can access it endless times. Hybrid learning transforms the way teacher interact with students and they are expected to rework or revise. By using a combination of digital instruction and face-to-face learning, students can work on their own new concepts which frees teacher up to circulate and support individual student who may need individualized attention.Teacher need not to give notes to students as they can already access it via the resources that are provided to them. Hybrid learning made it easier for teachers to teach the students and they can change and modify the way they teach the student. Student can read material online and then can continue it further in class.

On the one hand, face to face teaching gives us immediate and real time engagement that is difficult to capture online. While doing group tasks,presentations and discussions one can excel in their work, immediate interaction with students also offer meaningful learning opportunities. Deeper relationships between teachers and students is developed which is hard to develop online. On the other hand, online learning can excel with independent exploration, information and technology.Students can watch videos online so that they can get conceptual familiarity. They can complete assignments in a time and place that suits their individual needs. Both these formats have their own importance and speciality, combining online and face to face teaching into one can create powerful learning.

Students are more often assigned to tasks in the online portion of the course and spend face to face time exploring, analyzing and collaborating to develop new ideas. Hybrid learning helps students to understand concept more quickly and in short period of time. Students can view online lectures and other resources online on their own and then come to class ready to go further with what they covered. Students were able to evaluate their understanding of course material via the use of “computer based qualitative and quantitative assessment modules”.

Hybrid learning is time saving as student can even read more articles and can search web if they face some problems. There are many programmes which helps students to get better understanding of concepts. Blended learning methods also helps students to score better. They can save online classes and can watch them whenever they face any problem with any topic. The use of information and development technologies also improves student attitudes towards learning.

Student get fluent and the way they speak via online classes. They listen more to what the teacher says and try to grab things fast. The environment around them is also peaceful as no other student can disturb them. They get motivated as no one is watching them and can give their point without bothering about other students. With the use of technology students can do self-study and if they have any doubts they can interact with their teachers or can also watch the videos. Various type of content and resources are available online and they need not to care about the hard copies anymore.

Hybrid learning can lower costs by putting classrooms in the online space and it replaces costly textbooks with electronic devices that students often bring themselves to class. E-textbooks which can be accessed digitally may be able to drive down textbook budgets. E-textbooks are easy to read and also there is no wastage of paper. It can lighten up the bags of students and it can be easily carried. Students can make notes and add bookmarks into it. They can search and read at article they wishes to. Textbooks are no longer required and students can visit the data endless times whenever they want to. There is no limit to how they want to study and where they want to sit.

It also includes software that collects student data and measures academic progress, providing teachers, students and parents detailed student data. Tests are automatically scored, providing instantaneous feedback. Student work times are also measured to ensure accountability. These software helps in providing data to everyone with ease. Parents can easily track their child scores and progress without going to their school. Parents can access progress fairly without any error or malpractice into the result. Instant feedback helps tell students about their weak point. Parents no longer need to wait for their child results to show up as they are easily accessible now. There is various other software that helps students to read about new stuff and can innovate new ideas.They can create and share the ideas they created or any scientific research they do. Students are able to connect and increase their interest in any specific field.

Online seminars help students to learn about new ways and make them progressive. Many school changes to hybrid learning for flexibility. For students who are not able to come to school can take classes while sitting at home. They can give tests and attend presentations and seminars while sitting at home so that they will not miss anything and will also stay up to date.

Online learning also comes with many freedoms. Those students who excel at self-management and independent learning will go under these freedoms. They have freedom to where they want to study the can select their own locations. They can also access material and resources endless times.

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