Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (D-OTT)

The operating theatre (OT) technician is an integral person in the dynamic operating theatre team.

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2 Years

Undergraduate Diploma

Programme Overview

Duration: 2 Years

Diploma in operation theatre technology is a two year diploma program designed to build a trained and qualified professional who will assist medical professionals in the operation theatre of hospitals, intensive care units as well as emergency departments. The success of the procedures and safety of patients depends largely on the reliability of the OT technician. Diploma holders of this course will possess desired technical and interpersonal skills required to work under the supervision of nursing, anaesthetists and surgical personnel.

Operation Theatre Technology is a detailed technical occupation in the field of health science. Also recognised by the names Operating Theatre Technicians (OTT), Surgical Scrubs and Operating Room Assistants, these nominal medical professionals are an important part of the operation unit team who work alongside with the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse in order to provide quality patient care throughout the surgery.

These technicians make sure that every single process in the operation theatre is as secure and flourishing as possible. Their prime duty is to take care of all the work and management of the operation theatre which comprise looking after all the surgical instruments, their sterilisation, preparation of dressing table, operation theatre table, instrument table as well as anesthesia table. They also look after the drugs necessary for surgery, anesthetic gases, drapes and all the linen and their sterilisation. They bring together both sterile and non-sterile tools and at the same time regulate them to make sure that all are functioning appropriately.

An experiential, industry-focused program that equips students with the skills essential to various aspects of Operation Theater Management, integrating classroom courses.


Diploma in Operation Theater Technology has been designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of Operation Theater Management, medical ethics, Anesthesia Technology, postoperative care. The Operation Theater and Anesthesia Technologist are responsible for direct and indirect patient care, equipment set up and operation procedures. They are trained to assist the surgeons during the procedures and assume responsibility for completion of other functions as assigned.

Operation Theater Technicians are allied healthcare professionals. They play an integral part in the smooth functioning of ICUs, CCUs and operation theaters in hospitals and clinics. Government & private hospitals, and clinics having surgical wards are known to recruit Operation Theater Technicians. After higher studies, one may also don the role of an instructor or teacher at relevant training institutes.


This program is identified with all the work and management of the Operation Theater. The program prepares students for managing the patients and in addition to observing the intricate details of an operation theater. During the study, the students are responsible for caring for all the surgical instruments and additionally their disinfection and sterilization. The role is to help the specialist amid operations and take care of the medications, anesthetic gases, curtains, and sterilisation necessities during surgery. Smooth working of ICUs, CCUs and Operation theaters in healing facilities and centres, is also taught.

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Frequently asked questions

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What skills are needed to become OT Technician?

Apart from the fundamental educational requirement, outstanding scientific skills, communication skills and behavioural skills are necessary for surgical technologists. An eye for detail, accuracy and critical thinking is a must. Team work is essential as this job necessitate the person to work in partnership with other healthcare providers. Other prerequisites necessary are optimistic attitude, compassion and high levels of endurance and dedication. They must have the aptitude to work under minimal regulation, unpredictable shifts and long hours and must remain alert during operations. Surgical technologist also must have outstanding deftness to grip various instruments in complicated ways.

What is the minimum qualification for DOTT?

10+2 - Science Stream only, NIOS : Miinimum 5 Subjects Pass. English not rquired. English preferred.  Minimum Age 17
Maximum Age: No limit
Science Stream PCB and PCM both.


Is financial aid available?

There’s a range of financial help available to students at NIMT, including government student loans for tuition fees and living costs, various government scholarship schemes, and college-level scholarship aids.

Click here to view more details.

What is the fee structure of Diploma in Physiotherapy and Diploma in OTT?
  1. One time application fee: INR 1000
  2. First year fee: INR 54,000
  3. Subsequent years fee: INR 54,000 per annum
  4. Examination Fee: INR As per university norms & subject to change
  5. Above fee is exclusive of accomodation charges (if required) as well as clinical training fee.

Is there a loan facility available for the program?

NIMT has tied up with Credenc to help students avail education loans easily from a number of banks and NBFCs. The education loans for the students of NIMT are offered based on the credit history of the co-applicant and academic performance of the applicant.

Yes, loan facility can be availed for the payment of the program fee.  Loan applications can take up to 2 weeks to get processed, hence candidates are advised to apply for loan as soon as they are shortlisted. To apply click here.

Can I do a payment each 6 months in stead of a yearly payment?

Yes but each academic year has a deadline of clearing that current academic year fee payment. The deadline date for each academic year is 10th of January month.


What are the major tasks executed by a surgical technician

The major tasks executed by a surgical technician include:

  1. Get ready operating room for surgery;
  2. Arranging, checking, attaching/ detaching and adjusting surgical equipments;
  3. Give technical assistance to surgeons, nurses and anesthetists;
  4. Set patients comfortably for surgery;
  5. Get ready the patient for surgery by shaving and disinfecting incision sites;
  6. Supplying equipment according to instruction;
  7. Solutions and medications to the surgeon
  8. Sterile dressings at the end of surgery
  9. Locating patients to and from the theatre and wards

Hospitals are the crucial employers of Surgical/ operation theatre technologists. They work in the operating theatres, ICUs and emergency unit of hospitals and nursing homes. Openings are available in the areas of transplant teams, gynaecology sections, orthopaedic clinics, cancer units, surgery, special care baby units etc. and also in the field of research, culture and training. They are chosen in the workplaces of physicians or dentists who carry out outpatient surgery.


What is the general remuneration after D OTT course?


Pay scale in surgical technology varies upon one’s qualification, knowledge and apparently the status of the hospital. Fresh graduates can anticipate something not less than Rs. 15,000 - Rs. 20,000. The salary of an individual increases with their experience.

What are the career prospects of OT Technician?

It is the Operation Theatre Technician who supervises the circumstances in the operating room and continually measures the requirement of the patient and surgical team. Surgical team members function in two capacities, i.e. nonsterile and sterile. Throughout a surgical procedure, the area right away nearby the patient is referred to as the sterile field and anyone functioning in the sterile field must scrub and put on sterile gloves and a gown. The sterile team members are the doctor, the surgical assistant, and the surgical technologist. During the surgery, scrub technicians in sterile field offer suction and retraction as engaged, and hand the surgeon any essential instruments, sponges and other items. Technicians functioning outside the sterile field are said to be circulating, which means they help the other team members in monitoring the significance of the patient and the procedure. They provide extra supplies and sterile instruments as required during the surgery, and assist the scrub tech maintain a count of pads and sponges in use.

Surgical Technicians clean and arrange the operating room prior to and after each procedure, ensuring that it is completely stocked with instrument and sterile disposable items. They must have the crucial knowledge and aptitude to make sure quality patient care throughout the operative process and is constantly on watchfulness for upholding of the sterile field. Surgical technicians have differing tasks.

Frequently asked questions

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Prof. SukhPal Singh

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