CLAT 2020 postponed till further notice

At some point in our student life, we had wished the schools would shut for longer and the exams to get delayed. But nobody ever imagined that these wishes will bring with them this pandemic, delaying or cancelling every other plan of our life.

With corona-virus, taking lakhs of lives and leaving millions unemployed has brought in more wishes to the prayers. This havoc across the world, although has fulfilled the most sought after wishes together but on behalf of these chaotic circumstances. Educational institutions like schools and colleges were amongst the first institutions to be shut when the pandemic was declared. Now, over time people have realized that these holidays are not as pleasant as they have dreamt them to be. Without any prior clue of the situation and due to this sudden lockdown, the unplanned online learning there has been a gap between the actual quality of education students expect and what they are getting due to limited resources.

With online classes continuing with whatever quality the institutions are able to provide with the available resources, this cannot hold up together to become enough to undertake exams. The challenges are many like the internet connection, bandwidth and security. Where many exams are about the career of students then online exams are not appreciated as every student can't avail equal opportunity and resources moreover cyber-security is again a big issue.

No one knows the route that corona-virus is taking in India, in this scenario planning a concrete route for the remaining year is not a smart idea. Today many students have moved back to their hometowns and are planning an exam now, which will mean that they all have to travel back to the city to avail resources or for other formalities.

In the current situation which is far from normal, Universities can for once decide to take some steps not abiding the norms like cancelling or delaying the exams after realizing the need of the hour, as exams are just a part of life.

One such awaited exam which is delayed and is CLAT


CLAT is an all India entrance examination conducted by the National Law Schools/Universities for admissions to their under-graduate and postgraduate degree programmes (LL.B & LL.M).It stands for Common Law Admissions Test. It is conducted on rotation by 22 National Law Universities (NLUs).


This exam was actually planned for May 10 then it was postponed for May 24. But due to extension of lockdown it was again scheduled to be held on June 21. The Executive Committee of Consortium, after reviewing the impact of pandemic and the lockdown, scheduled CLAT for August 22, 2020, to be held through a computer-based online centre-based test.

A law graduate filed a plea in Delhi High Court challenging the requirement of physically appearing at exam center for CLAT 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic. To which the Delhi High Court has asked the center and the NLUs to reply to the graduate’s plea.

Justice Jayant Nath had urged the central government to inform the court whether it would be allowable to hold such an exam at physical centers amid this pandemic. The court had issued notices to the central government and the NLU, seeking their opinion by August 10 on the petition which inquired that the online CLAT exams be allowed to be undertaken from home.

So CLAT 2020 has been postponed again till further notice.

Prof Balraj Chouhan, Convenor of this year's CLAT and Vice-Chancellor of Dharmashastra National Law University (DNLU), Jabalpur said,” We want every student to get their fair chance to appear for the exams. Due to the lockdowns announced in various parts of the country, students will find it difficult to appear for the exams. Keeping that issue in mind, we have decided to postpone the exams till further notice”.

He also mentioned that a new date for the exam will be announced after consulting Education and Home Ministries.

Effects of postponing and coping with it

There is no doubt that postponing exams have some negative impacts on the students like loss of motivation, wastage of time, stress, feeling anxious etc. but it is very important to know that postponements of exams also impact the nation. 

Take no stress: In order to reduce stress some simple tips can be followed like spending some time with family, talking to friends over phone and giving some time to hobbies.

For Confidence: Re-revise your syllabus and practice as much as you can as this will give you confidence and reduce anxiety.

Managing time: Use this extra time period by solving practice papers which will further strengthen your preparation. Make a daily routine including your studies, paper solving Time management is the key to being productive and successful. 

Apart from what is mentioned above, students must also ensure that they do not step out of their homes and be socially conscious. They may include indoor exercises, yoga, meditation and may also play indoor or online games for refreshing their minds. Everyone must follow the guidelines issued by the government and remember that we all are in this together! Wishing all the students best of luck for their upcoming examinations.

“Remember, most of the stress comes from the way you look at things and how you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your attitude and all that extra stress is gone.”

With regard to the above statement let’s look at the reasons for the delay in various examinations and how it is good.

Reasons and making delays an opportunity

The reason behind the delay is clear and obvious. During any exam students and their parents gather where students gather in the exam halls, their parents or friends gather outside, waiting for the exam to get over. During this pandemic, gathering is the major risk because it can help in spreading of the virus hence calling students to exam centers is very unsafe.

Taking exams online while students are at their home demolishes the quality of fair exams and specially in India where every student is not blessed with the same facilities of internet connectivity this practice is not applicable. Moreover, cyber-security is a rising issue which again makes the exams vulnerable.

The delay in competitive exams has given students the opportunity to perform better by giving additional time for preparation and practice. This is giving students the time to do self-study which is the key to pass any exam with flying colors.

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