Google Classroom & NIMT's Seamless Transition from Offline to Online Classes

Ever since the lockdown has started because of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, conducting offline classes has not been possible. But NIMT has bravely embraced the challenge of online classes by incorporating Google Classroom services to ensure that classes are held regularly and smoothly, without undue interruptions.

Google Classroom is increasingly being used by schools, colleges and other educational institutions, especially under the current circumstances. The necessity of online education has risen tenfold at present because there is no other alternative. With greater practice and familiarity, the advantages of online classes have also dawned on everyone concerned.

While there are many apps, software and other online services that help conduct online classes like Cisco WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc., Google Classroom, with the help of other Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Meet, provides the most extensive and convenient means of organising classes with a large number of students, maintaining timetables and scheduling assignments.

When it comes to selecting the most reliable, trustworthy as well as convenient means of disseminating educational information, Google Classroom is the first choice. Often, online modes of communication are susceptible to threats such as malware, virus infiltration, etc. which can make the lives of users troublesome. But any Google app or web service easily becomes the best option because of its long-standing reputation and redoubtable authenticity.

And NIMT settles for nothing but the best. We realize that when it comes to education, we cannot afford to take any risks. Even during trying times such as these, knowledge and learning and the processes thereof must be as seamless as possible. Incorporating Google Classroom services help us bring that goal of seamlessness to fruition.

It is imperative that the origins of Google Classroom are fully comprehended. Its aims, policies and facilities of operation must likewise be known and understood in detail. There are a number of factors why NIMT has chosen Google Classroom as the preferred online application to ease online education. The latter’s features, its advantages over other similar apps and other relevant information are given below:

G Suite (for Education)

Google’s G Suite was first launched in 2006. It was designed keeping in mind the requirements of those who work from home or those who need to maintain online tabs and records of various kinds pertaining to their jobs, institutions, etc.

As the word ‘suite’ suggests, G Suite brings together the services of various Google apps like Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Drive and Meet to combine their facilities to run a well-organised system of management and information. Google Classroom is one such app under the G Suite system designed for the educational needs of people.

Modern-day education does not limit itself to only verbal communication between teachers and students and evaluation procedures in the form of written examinations. It also includes art-integrated activities, reference to relevant topics of discussion, digital presentations as part of Computer Aided Teaching techniques, online dissemination of study material catering to every student’s individual needs, etc.

G Suite for Education takes into consideration all the present-day requirements of teachers and students who are adapting themselves to the growing use of technology in teaching and learning. Google Classroom is thus an integral component of the G Suite for Education initiative taken by Google.

The farsightedness of this initiative is making it easy today for educators and learners worldwide to continue their education without any obstacles. NIMT has the prudence to avail of the facilities that Google Classroom provides to ascertain the seamless transition from offline to online modes of instruction.

Features and Facilities of Google Classroom

  1. Google Classroom is easily available as a mobile app or on the web. Schools and colleges can conveniently arrange assignments, enhance collaboration and encourage interactive participation online.
  2. Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs and Meet that are commonly used Google apps, are integrated within Google Classroom to ensure a smoother initiation. This saves time, making it a hassle-free process.
  3. Teachers can create and schedule classes, projects and assessments online. This is very eco-friendly, obviously, as it saves bulks of paper without compromising the need to keep accurate records.
  4. Audio-visual input can also be provided to students by providing links to videos relevant to the topic under discussion. Quizzes can also be held via Google Forms, facilitating quick comprehension.
  5. Individual feedback can be given to every student directly and in real-time. This makes education more interactive and result-oriented.
  6. Student participation can be guaranteed by tracking the frequency of activity or responses given by students voluntarily, besides in exams. Thus, making accurate student reports becomes easier, which is not always possible offline.
  7. Announcements related to classes, holidays, assignments, assessments, presentations, etc. can be made and recorded online. This ensures timely adherence of deadlines vis-à-vis class tests and the coverage of syllabus.
  8. Parent-teacher meetings are also made easier. Students’ responses, pending assignments, or individual remarks can be summarised and sent to parents and guardians via email.
  9. For guardians and parents of students, it becomes easier to keep track of their wards’ performance in school, and guide them accordingly.
  10. For students, taking notes in class, engaging with teachers, submitting assignments, organising group projects, etc. becomes simpler.
  11. Getting direct, real-time feedback helps them review their mistakes and focus on their strengths by identifying their weaknesses and working on them.
  12. Queries and doubts of the class as a whole can be shared with the teacher via email. This is less time-consuming than each student asking questions one by one.
  13. Assignments done online can be shared with teachers directly by presenting the screen to the teacher or the whole class as and when required.
  14. For institutional administrators, Google Classroom is equally beneficial because it facilitates record-keeping and making declarations.
  15. Any problem faced while using Google Classroom can be immediately addressed by contacting Google Support, which is available 24/7.

Safe and Free for All

All data concerning students, teachers, and the respective educational institution entered in Google Classroom is completely safe. Google does not own any data put in the app. Discontinuance of the app services by any institution is also a safe process, where all user data is rightfully kept with the users, not by the app. 

NIMT takes institutional integrity very seriously. In no way would it compromise any information related to its members, whether students or educators. That is why NIMT has chosen Google Classroom as the desired app for online education, i.e. not just because it provides fast and smooth online communication, but also because it does not assume ownership nor use any user content for advertising purposes.

It is almost incredible that an app such as Google Classroom that provides so many features and facilities does not charge anything. But it is true. As long as you have an internet, you can download and access the services of Google Classroom completely free of cost.

NIMT is considerate towards everyone who is a part of the group of educational institutions. Quality education with affordability is a twin objective of NIMT, which is successfully realized by Google Classroom, being free to all users. NIMT has ensured that the change in the mode of instruction is seamless and does not impact teachers and students monetarily, especially when the economy has been drastically affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

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