How are universities going to be social distancing in September?

The Corona virus has scared everyone, not even in a county to the whole world it has become a monster.

 A monster who is in every where people are dying.Everyone have a fear to die  because of corona monster Universities are still close they afraid to open it. As we know universities are one of the most crowded places. College students, teachers,sweepers,and many other workers are there to become a  university or college. So when it is going to open in September how it will be, how students, is a big question are they supposed to behave as they were last year. Are they going to be friendly or more social as they were? Let's have a look at friendship life. Are they going to meet as they greeted each other like hugging their friends as usual did? Such type of many questions are there but the reality is they won’t be  like as they were. . maybe it would happen in some group of friends if they don’t care or they are not scare to corona monster. It would happen.
When University will open entry gate must play important role to safe everyone. The security guard  have to check every student temperature before he\she enter in university. they will not allow them who have  normal cold and caught. There are possibilities not to allow open canteens. It's not safe to eat outside food in this pandemic situation.  Universities do not take classes in one session; they should divide each class into  two parts. It would happen when University going to open.
Universities are the most favourite place for adults who are in college. They love to spend their time in universities. Because there  is no boundation of time period students can stay as late they want to stay till evening, till night,or till midnight. Now when Universities are going to open it would definitely affect the time period teacher or guard would sad to students go to your home Just after your class. Universities will follow hygiene protocol to clean University's classes there should be an only one entry and exit point in a building.
Seminars will. Be held in less amount of density of students. Classes may be held online starting when they found everything is under control may they allow students to take face to face classes but in less density to keep social distancing. May Universities not allow to foreigners students to access in university. Universities not going to open hostels it would be possible but if hostels won’t be open there would be a big problem to students.
How they will stay where they stay. Many questions are there about how students should behave. How teachers would behave toward students.
How will students maintain hygiene around them? No one knows what's gonna happen. We can just wait and let's follow the protocol and government instructions. To us and loved ones safe and healthy.

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Blog Post written by:
Farheen Ansari
Intern - Content writing
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