How to improve your LinkedIn page for summer internships


LinkedIn is a portal where a candidate can create a professional profile and connect with other professional accounts. The main goal of LinkedIn is to portray the professional career of a candidate which makes it easy for recruiters to know about them. LinkedIn requires a candidate to put their education, skillset, and experience in the profile. It allows the candidate to post articles, invitations to events like seminars, and webinars. LinkedIn can also be used to follow other important profiles, join groups, and attend events online and offline. For the advancement of their career, candidates need to create a LinkedIn profile. A Candidate can be anyone, students, business owners, small or big, and jobholders. 

To begin using LinkedIn, candidates are required to sign up and create a profile. A complete LinkedIn professional profile gives required details to the future and current employers, and recruiters along with the candidate’s preferences, tastes, skills, and milestones. To make it easier LinkedIn is available as a mobile application or as a website for desktop. LinkedIn also allows candidates to increase their circle and build a network. It also lets candidates create or join events regarding marketing and sales, networking, and more. Through LinkedIn, candidates can attend workshops and seminars. Candidates can research about a company they are interested in or look into the profile of the management of that company through LinkedIn. They can also use LinkedIn group service where they can create or join the groups based on their interests, experiences, and goals. 

LinkedIn is a social networking platform but with a professional setup. Users can connect with friends, upload content, comment, and react to other’s content. It is typically used to make connections business-wise, post resumes, share experiences, and search for jobs. Most of the companies are compatible with LinkedIn. Instead of entering the complete details, company websites are giving an option of auto-filling the details by asking the candidates to share their LinkedIn profiles. This is the painless and time-saving method most of the companies use. A LinkedIn profile represents the professional attire of the candidate. It helps recruiters to look into the profile of the candidate and find if they are suitable for their requirements. LinkedIn also provides details on different kinds of jobs by discussing the advantages and disadvantages regarding the profession, the pay scale, and requirements around the globe. 


LinkedIn proved to be a better platform to apply for internships as well. An internship is a work period in any field given by employers to the selected candidates so they have the exposure of workflow in a company. This is an opportunity provided to the students or graduates to learn the work. A few internships come with pay and a few do not. A few internships may last for 12 months and some 3-4 months or even weeks. Internships can be done in various fields and they help candidates to obtain skills during their work in a company that would be essential for them when they apply for a full-time position elsewhere.

Although it is important to have an active profile, it is also important to have meaningful content on it. It is important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. There are a few basic methods used in search of internships. Visiting company websites often and sending out CVS. Searching for internship postings all over. Although it may not work all the time, approaching recruiters directly is also another method that can be used. Through LinkedIn, students can also get in touch with their alumni network. If they can get a referral in the companies where previous students work that would be an effective way to go. An attractive profile on LinkedIn has chances of landing into internships. It is important to keep the profile updated and highlighting the achievements, current and previous. Bookmarking the companies, following the company and the people working in it would let candidates know the activities in those companies. Candidates must stay active on LinkedIn by writing articles or sharing those that represent their taste. This might give viewers a glimpse of who the candidate is. Like mentioned earlier, getting in touch with recruiters is one way, and sending a resume or CV to HR teams is effective. 

Through LinkedIn, it is easier to track employees of a company. Candidates can check their activities, get in touch with them, and build relationships. These professional relationships would be of help to understand the workflow of a company that could help candidates very much if they want to apply for an internship in that company. It is important to represent oneself very well while trying to connect with someone. A professional headline, representing the candidate’s current education or work position as effective as possible, and a brief professional summary that answers the questions like the connections that a candidate is looking for and expectations from those connections. 

There are options on LinkedIn where candidates can apply to an internship directly through the website. Many opportunities come with an option called “easy apply” which makes it easier for the candidates in applying for the internship without bothering to enter every detail. The already stored details and the CV are sent to the company by LinkedIn. Those opportunities that do not have easy apply, would direct the candidate to the company website. 

Highlighting the skills and inserting keywords, that usually used by the recruiters, into the profile would help a candidate to have the opportunity to get notified about the internship posts. Adding more background into the resume or CV would be another major move to attract the recruiters. The more qualified, the better is the candidate. Using time wisely is the key. Research and rigorous personalization are important. Candidates must look for more groups and stay active in those groups. In target companies, candidates can look for previous employees along with current employees who with proper approach can be helpful. 

Finding internships during times like COVID-19 is a different game. A few companies and institutes will be willing to let the candidates work from home and a few might want to hire someone who is resided close to them so they could invite them to work at the company after the pandemic is over. So having an updated address is important. In any case, proper search and attractive profiles are the key aspects of getting an internship through LinkedIn.  

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Pavan Turaga
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