How working from home is changing economy forever

Covid19 then lockdown is a huge change for our country and for their citizens  in this pandemic time we all are suffering with lots of problems  some people lost their jobs some lost their home. Due to one virus our life got totally changed who lost their jobs and had to go there hometown where there was no work for them to do. And some of them who does  jobs in a limited company they are now working from home. 

When people work from home there  lifestyle got change there is no choice. They don’t feel like they are really  working or are they really at their home. Such type of question raising in during this pandemic time. 

Because of working from home people are getting half of their salary which they got before pandemic time. The time is going too tough for them. Lets connect it on a huge level if we talk about our country it also has a financial landscape and it would be an unforgettable time for our country. Not each person working from home work from home demands digitization if a person working from home he\she should be well educated to  operate the system or their phones and laptops to be a part of it. If they haven’t a knowledge of these digital things they are not capable of working from home these are the basic requirements of  if he wants or if he needs to work from home.

Working from home all depends on our capabilities. What about laborers? Are they not a part of a country? are they not contributing to our country's economy? Each and every single person affects the economy.

Working from home is only for capable people, not for labor, not for street workers, not for shopkeepers. These worker can’t work from home they didn’t have that facilities and the most important they are not able to work from home if they will not work how will they contribute to raise economy in future. 

Including all the population of India it is mandatory to have contribution of each and every person whether it is labor or engineer of a company. 

Once we start working from home we become addicted or we can say we get lassy. If we work from home we don’t travel two times a day we don’t go out even sometimes we don’t get ready to go to the office. Now we are just working as we are comfortable at home even on a proper table and chair or on bed ect. How we feel comfort we are just working as that yes we can say it is easy and convenient working from home. 

Before this pandemic there were only few companies who allowed their employees to work from home. There is one example or twitter it was the company who was already allowing their employees to work from home. Actually they really don’t want much footprint in there office. On the other side still there are few companies who think that employees should come to the office as soon as possible. If it is possible to come from now it would be good for them but as per government order they allow their employees to work from home till the end of this year 2020. The economy will definitely have an effect in future and it may not be normal in upcoming few years it will take much time to overcome. People don’t have jobs they fell down there business and they lost there saving in lockdown.

Economy has changed when lockdown is held and its continuously changing future will be different from now.

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