Medical options at NIMT for students with non-science subjects in +2

Students after clearing their 10th standard have overwhelming choices for them to pursue careers. Many choose Science after their 10th as they are guided, sometimes forced, to do as science has many job opportunities. They are right of course. Science has many opportunities for a student to get a job. It does not mean that those who choose other streams like Humanities and Arts are doing wrong. There are ample choices in those streams as well. A few infamous options for those two streams are Humanities and Social Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Mass Communication, Film and Journalism, Business and Law, and Hotel Management and Tourism. 

NIMT provides many courses for students who prefer Arts and Humanities. Courses like Bachelor programs in Law, Bachelor programs in Arts and Commerce, Programs in Teacher Training. Students, as they move forward in their academics, they gain deep knowledge in their streams and find that their career options are confined to those streams. After +2, students get another chance to change their streams. Though many courses do not accept these changes, a few do and help students pursue careers that suit them.  

For example, an art student might think he can do good as an Engineer but without Maths, Physics, and Chemistry in his +2 education, he won’t be able to pursue that dream. In another example, if a science student with Biology in her +2 education wants to change her career path into law, she can change it and get admission in BA LLB. It is an interesting thought that at the age of minimum awareness children are given overwhelming choices and by the time they gain the reasoning capabilities to choose the career they think they might succeed, their choices tend to shrink. 

NIMT provides choices for those kinds of students who chose non-science courses in +2 but later decided to pursue a career in medicine. In this article, let us see the Medical courses provided by NIMT for students with no science background in +2.

Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

For someone passionate about Nursing and wanted to pursue a career as a registered nurse, General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) is the best way to approach. Obtaining a diploma in GNM opens doors to job opportunities in areas like hospitals, private clinics, Rehabilitation centres, training institutes, and schools. They can also assist in various research programs. It is required that registered nurses have proper experience as they have to deal with important aspects as part of their jobs like administering medication. They are expected to know how to follow standards of care and practices, and the ability to handle various medical equipment. 

A Registered Nurse (RN) must have patience as they have to handle various people with different kinds of issues. They are expected to travel for visiting patients at their homes. They must be aware of current affairs at least about the latest findings and technology in the medical field. Interpersonal and communication skills must be excellent for registered nurses and they must be able to train and tutor junior nurses. 

A GNM’s most important job is to help mothers under labour and making sure the baby is born safely and naturally. Monitoring the health condition of both the baby and the mother, and in some cases, assisting physicians during c-section births. They also provide services like family planning, gynaecological checkups, and prenatal and postnatal care. 

State and Indian nursing council provide a registration number for those who complete the courses as Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife successfully. 

It is a misconception that the nursing department is only for women. Many countries up until recent decades believed in that propaganda. Fortunately, this perception has changed and made nursing a gender-neutral department. Although the number of men who choose midwifery as a career is low at present, there might be a change in that in the coming days. 

NIMT provides diploma in General Nursing Midwifery course with a duration of three years. Students study and graduate from NIMT Hospital, Greater Noida, with approval from the Indian Nurse council and Uttar Pradesh State Medical Facility.  

The eligibility criteria for admission to GNM at NIMT is a minimum of 40%  at the qualifying examination in 10+2. Although Science is preferable, it is not a mandatory requirement. 

As discussed earlier, nurses have job opportunities in various platforms like Hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes, Armed forces, and orphanages. Many organizations like Red Cross, Indian Nursing council and state nursing council, and various other medical facilities hire registered nurses. Primary health care centres throughout the country hire midwives as primary health workers. Nurses are also hired as teachers and administrators in medical colleges and nursing schools. Some individuals also start their enterprises in nursing homes. 

There are other courses in Medicine offered by NIMT.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology - This diploma which comes under the Department of Paramedical Sciences is a two-year program designed to train students to become qualified professionals who can assist medical professionals in the operation theatre of Hospitals, Intensive Care Units, and Emergency Departments. 

Diploma in Physiotherapy - Physiotherapists may work in hospitals, private practices, and social services like providing care to the community elders. It is a branch of medicine that helps to improve the ability to use parts of the body that have been affected by a disease or injury. 

Diploma in Pharmacy - A student holding a diploma in pharmacy has many job opportunities like working in manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, and packing as an Industrial Pharmacist. Dispensing Medicine and counselling patients as hospital and community pharmacist. Detailing to doctors and distribution of Medicine in bulk as a sales distribution executive. Training other pharmacy students as an academic pharmacist. As it is mandatory to employ one registered pharmacist, a diploma holder can be employed in hospitals and pharmaceuticals.

Though these diploma courses are interesting, unfortunately, NIMT requires students with a science background in 10+2 education for these courses. For the time being, Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery is the only course provided by NIMT that does not require a science background in 10+2. 

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