Memory Refresh: Recaps of Student Events on Campus PreCOVID

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”          -Marie Curie


There have been many challenging times in the history of the world. As each one of them, this challenge will also pass and we will get back again to our work institutes, again with full motivation to perform better, to achieve well with each passing day.

Today when we are stuck in our homes, we realize how beautiful our every day at the campus was. Working or studying from home may save our travelling time but has made us aware of the need to appreciate everything around us. From missing those springs when we use to have various student programs to the whole night preparations that we did. From all those auditions to rehearsals everything was so engaging and even the thought of the same is so refreshing even after months.

There are times when we feel down and want to run back to our beautiful, green campuses but the crisis is enough to hold us back. However, it is known that any plan for face-to-face classes puts our health and safety at risk and does not serve our educational mission. The thing we can do to keep us happy and motivated is, remembering our happy, old times when we use to gather and elebrate, when we use to gather and compete and when we use to gather and appreciate. So, just thought of remembering the golden times together and making this "stay" somewhat less boring and more memorable.

Some of the most loved moments pre COVID are of Jashn-e-Fiesta Fest, the annual social and cultural festival for marking the days of absolute ecstasy, providing the skillful artists a competing platform to showcase their talent in various fields such as music, dance,theatre, fashion, photography, literature, fine arts, quizzing and debating.

The fest, no doubt was amazing but the most memorable memories which make us nostalgic were gifted to us during preparation. The excitement spreads over the campus with the news of the auditions.With students running around the campuses, choirs practicing songs,bands beating the drums at one side of the campus while the tap of feet, the counts on music and colorful dresses and artists with makeup were seen on the other side of the campus.

The sleepless nights in the auditorium, practicing the performances,the canteen crowd and the long comparing. The selections and the rehearsals each tiring moment bringing in joy and more energy each time. The unending laughs could be heard from corners. And the students and teachers enjoying each other’s company.

The sessions of modelling, mentored by some famous guests. Those pretty dresses and confident walks took the heart away and that strongly motivating speech, motivating each little heart to perform better, though was quite underrated but held its importance. After cut-throat performances by various artists, came the turn to give away the prizes, with so many beautiful performances the most difficult part was to judge them and find a few best ones.

The field visits to District and Session courts, very knowledgeable,including interactions with some high-profile people and getting their experience and guiding words. These visits motivated us every time, giving us more practical knowledge and making us skilled in helping us to re-fix our goals. The importance of such visits is really felt. ThatInformal learning environment provided valuable opportunities away from the classroom, without using textbooks and other tools yet were knowledgeable. Learning this way was really effective.

Artiste- The prize distribution ceremony of Artiste 2020 and Learning assessment test held in Campus school premises, in the presence of Chairman Mr. K.P Singh, Director Mr. Siddhant Singh, co-coordinators and proud parents of the awardees was one such event which gave immense pleasure to the teachers, parents and the NIMT team for combined effort of all of them. These type of student programs remind us of the effort we do in our daily lives. The effort while studying, teaching and doing other works from our home is not less but the appreciation one receives while getting these awards in such functions is incomparable.

Remembering the PreCOVID student events is so refreshing ,whether educational or cultural, sports or arts, every event has something to teach the students which can be carried along with them throughout their lives. Leaving the seat in the audience and getting up to participates, helps students gather experience by involving themselves and this also helps them to know the field of their interests and also their hobbies. Moreover, the feedback mechanism of this lesson is far better and also very important as this positive criticism help them grow stronger in various fields .

In India due to our diverse culture we enjoy various festivals,celebrations of such festivals like Basant Panchmi, Republic Day, Eid etc continued to build that excitement in students and the staff for these extra co-curricular. Celebrations were so enjoyable, seeing these small kids performing and bringing our their hidden talents with the cheers of the teachers who worked amazingly hard with each participant were the moments of joy.

Children dressed in colorful costumes with make-up and theses competitions took away our heart every time. The decorated classrooms and those sweet distributions were the most awaited events. The dance performances and flag hustings, those diya lighting and rangoli making, each and every event has become a cherishable memory with loads of laughter on the stand-up comedy by students to the amazing quiz held at the G.K week, we miss it all.

These events were almost taken as the Co-curricular activities or just for overall development of student but today we are remembering them and re-living the PreCOVID time when we were FREE. Let them be part of academics, making teaching and learning experience exciting for both students and teachers or let them be an event for talent showcasing they all hold a special place in our hearts today. Students learning through classroom activities like quizzes, debates,recitation and more academic games learning better and quicker till those hot debate topics shaping our perceptions all those events were important. Therefore, live every moment to the fullest, learn from everybody and never forget to enjoy whatever the challenge may be.

“Things may end but memories last forever.”

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Blog Post written by:
Vrinda Mishra
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