Nurses: The need of the hour and decade

As the pandemic is going on, it shut down many lives. It’s been more than 6 months that everyone in India is suffering from a novel coronavirus. On one hand, it shut down many lives and took people’s jobs and daily work. Some people are still working and giving their best to treat and protect the people. In this pandemic, doctors and nurses are playing a great role. They can even be seen as a healer. Nurses are working to assist the sick, overcome community fears and address concerns. Nurses, the largest sector of healthcare workers in every country, play a pivotal role in preparation for a possible pandemic. 

The nurses’ role in a pandemic begins even before the disease has caused devastation. They have the skills and education to develop coordinated global networking and properly identify infectious diseases. Since pandemic outbreaks are unpredictable, global health agencies have to develop plans that will provide appropriate and timely responses, the WHO said. Among those who must be involved in planning are nurses. They can help tackle diseases fast. Nurses around the world are filing roles to assist in the coronavirus response. In the United Kingdom, the government is considering recalling recently retired nurses and other providers. With the increment of cases day by day it is important to have nurses to treat them. Volunteer programs are also taken as students pursuing GNM courses can help as volunteers. 

Registered nurses and other providers are on the frontline of our healthcare system and will be the first responders as COVID-19 moves through our community. The best response to the growing threat is to develop a coordinated response network that reviews emerging and reemerging infections. People who found themselves as symptomatic individuals need to be first responders. The best response to this pandemic is prevention. Early recognition of novel infections may help in treating them at an earlier stage. 

Nurse leaders must continue to develop plans that can slow or prevent the progress of any widespread illnesses. Nurses are helping in many ways in this pandemic. While researchers are finding ways to fight COVID-19 in laboratories, nurses are facing this threat by directly interacting with countless patients who may be carrying the virus. Nurses are ideal for this task because of their existing experience working directly with patients. By exploiting into that experience and quickly assessing a patient’s condition, the spread of infection can be drastically limited. Patients who test positive or show symptoms are quickly moved to quarantine, protecting other patients who may not have the disease. 

On the first hand, it is up to the nursing staff of a hospital to carry out infectious disease prevention, adding steps and social distancing techniques that help to prevent Coronavirus from quickly spreading within the hospital setting. Nurses are working more than 12 hours a day to help beat this virus. 

Another role that nurses are playing in this pandemic is maintaining supplies of medical equipment and protective items such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. These resources can easily become scarce during a crisis, and nurses play a vital role in safeguarding these supplies from theft or hoarding. Proper sanitization is one of the most important factors in turning the tide of a pandemic. Viruses such as COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for hours, sometimes longer, making regular and thorough cleaning is a necessity. Because nurses work on closely and so regularly with patients, it often falls on them to 

enforce sanitation rules and procedures. Nurses can expect to work longer shifts, especially as the virus spreads and healthcare workers themselves fall ill, leaving gaps in the workforce. Nurses bear the additional responsibility of educating their patients and the general public on how to stay healthy and prevent the virus from spreading.

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