Scope of BA LLB in India

The bachelor of law (LLB) is the first professional degree in the law field in India. As we know LLB begins from the Latin abbreviation .

Students can start their career just after completing their bachelor degree in LLB or after completing senior secondary education. After receiving a degree in the law field we can give them a title of a lawyer.lots of dedication and hard both are required to become a successful lawyer. In India  legal education has been offered as a degree of three years of graduate (LLB). This rule was passed out in 1997. The first law University was the national law school of India University (NISIU) which was set up in Bangalore. The university offers students five years integrated law course in B.A LLB as an honors course.

 get an admission in LLb secondary education you should be graduate from the recognize institute. The applicant should already have a bachelor's degree in any stream to be eligible for this course. Before practicing in any court of India, LL.B. graduates have to obtain the “certificate of practice in law”. It can be obtained by giving the “All India Bar Examination (AIBE)” regulated and supervised by the Bar Council of India.
Lawyers can find employment in both public and private sector organizations. Central and state government jobs are also available for lawyers. Lawyers can also work as legal advisors and legal counsellor for firms, organizations and families.
After completing your B.A LLb it is mandatory to practice in a court but practicing in any court in India. Students of B.A LLB have to obtain the certificate practice in law. It can be given by 'All India Bar Examination' it will be regulated and supervised by the bar council of India.

 Let's talk about how a lawyer can get jobs into their field and what will be the career options.
A lawyer can find their employment in private and government sector organizations. Central and jobs are also available for lawyers.  A lawyer can also work as a legal advisor and legal counsellor to their company or an organization in India.
The B.A LLB graduate students can work in different fields on a worries posts.
For an example a lawyer can work as a legal cell of private and public legal sector in India, the can work as a state bar council, they can work in consulting firms Indian and foreign law firms, they can have a career a legal department of foreign companies, also they can have a job related to their field in multi national companies in India.
Interested students can also have their higher education they can pursue LLB the master degree.Just after completing your all education u can have many jobs in india in a different fields they can have a career as public prosecutor, in india we have lots of posts for the law student. Legal advisor is also a good job opportunity for a lawyer. It can be in any field it is available in government and public both sector organizations. Attorney General is also a good job which available in India you can have a career in this field.

The next one is to advocate most of the people's law to become an advocate. But there are lots of job profiles if you are interested in an advocate. It is good but in India we are facing competition everywhere so if we can reduce our competitors then why shouldn't we? So the next field is law reporter. It would be a good option if you get a job as a reporter in a news channel in India. After doing all the higher education u can go through to become a magistrate these jobs mainly provided by the government of India after that you can continue your further studies and become a district or session judge. Teacher & lecturer, sub magistrate, trustee, solicitor these are the jobs you can have in India after completing your B.A LLB.We can say students can have a good career scopes after done their LLB they have lots of job scopes in India.

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