Top 10 Ways To Practice Law After LLB – Must Read for Law Aspirants

A Law degree has so much value in India. Around the world, an advocate is considered an esteemed position in society. Even in India, a law degree comes with many doors opened. But, to be an acclaimed advocate there has to be more done than pursuing a degree. A law degree is not confined just to the courtroom sessions, it gives many options for students after they graduate. It is important to choose the right career path. If a student graduates from a prestigious law college and pursues a perfect course to practice law, there are great career opportunities. The demand for professionals with a handful of knowledge in the Indian Penal Code and Indian constitution is always high. A law student can opt for specialization in patent, corporate, civil, and criminal law. There are diverse career paths for law students after the bachelor’s degree. 


After graduation, law students can opt for a career as either a civil litigation lawyer or a criminal litigation lawyer. As the titles say, a civil litigation lawyer works with civil laws that include excise and taxation laws and a criminal litigation lawyer works with criminal laws and deal with criminal cases, evidence act, and IPC. But to get into the litigation career path, students must attend an exam conducted by the Bar Council of India. It is an open book exam that mainly tests a candidate’s analytical skills. With the help of courses given by the law institutes and additional courses available online, students can score well. 

Corporate Sector:

With a law degree in hand, a student can enter the corporate sector where the responsibilities usually are, supervising compliances with legal rules and disputes, drafting, and negotiating contracts. With a handful of knowledge in property rights, tax laws, corporate laws, company laws, contracts, bankruptcy, etc, a law student is eligible for the role of transaction lawyer. In the role of the legal advisor, the candidate represents an enterprise and deals with all legal matters. It is important to stay updated with current affairs and government-issued notifications for this sector. 


Internships are proved to be a better hiring process for both candidates and enterprises. Companies hire candidates as an intern and assign activities to reduce their load of work. As an intern, a candidate learns the operations of an organization as much as they can. By the end of their internship, they gain experience that would make their profile very attractive to the recruiters. Law graduates can find internships in law firms and legal departments in big organizations. 

Law Firms:

When a person without any knowledge regarding the law,  needs representation in the court, they can approach an advocate or a law firm. A law firm is an organization where advocates are hired and brought under one roof. Through the firm, an advocate can even represent an enterprise where the responsibilities would be inter-company agreements, acquisitions, investments, and taxation. A law firm is a haven for opportunities. There is an excellent scope of growth in a career working in a law firm. If the candidate shows exemplary qualities and works for enough time, they could become partners as well. Attorney, legal analyst, legal assistant, Firm administrator are some of the positions offered in a law firm. 

Government services:

Law students study the Indian constitution in their academics. It is an advantage of them as they can attempt civil service exams as most of these questions come from the Indian constitution. A law graduate has many opportunities in the Government sector. Indian corporate law services, Indian defense estates services, Indian administrative services are some of the opportunities suitable for a law student. Every year Union Public Service Commission of India releases vacancies that can be fruitful for law students.


The position of a judge is the highest and most respected in the judiciary system. Many students dream of becoming judges while pursuing their law degree. To become a judge, a candidate must have a law degree, must clear the exam conducted by the Bar Council of India and become a member, and attempt the Judicial Service Exam. 


Indian Army has a legal branch called the Judge Advocate General (JAG) department. Candidates aged between 21 to 27, having an aggregate of 55% in LLB, and who are members of the Bar Council of India are eligible to apply for this position. It is an honorary deed to serve their nation for those who have a law degree. The recruitment is held twice a year and after clearing all the tests including the medical exam, candidates are trained for one year. After this, they are given the rank of cadet and later lieutenant. 


Candidates with 60% aggregate in law degree, between the age of 21 and 25 are eligible to attend the Airforce Common Admission Test (AFCAT). It is another sector for those who want to serve their nation. Law degree candidates are usually recruited into the ground duty branch. Where they work in administration, logistics, accounts, education, and meteorology. 

Journalism and broadcasting:

Law students with excellent communication skills have many opportunities in this sector. Students who acquire the necessary skills after graduation and their knowledge in drafting and research in their academics become potential law professionals. In this sector, a law student can pursue the position of law correspondent or they can pursue the position of an anchor if they have the necessary skills. 

Legal Content Writing:

Students who have skills to research well can pursue these opportunities. Law firms hire legal content writers who can market the efficiency of the firm through their writing. 

It is important to get admission to the best law college. So students must take extreme care as to which college they are applying to. The college from which they graduate plays an important role. After graduation, they must be aware of their skills and find out which area is best suitable for them. A law degree is a professional degree with many opportunities that students must use wisely. 

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