Top 5 Courses after 12th Science – Paying a High Salary

The importance of career selection after class 12th boards is well known. The selection of fields and courses to opt becomes quite difficult when we either do not know our interest or have an interest in more than one field.

This article will surely prove helpful for the students in career selection. Here are some high paying courses which will assure a bright career.

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

B.Arch is a renowned undergraduate bachelor’s degree programme of Architecture. A career in Architecture is attractive, profitable, and has a lot of scopes. This course is designed in a way so that it satisfies all the educational components of professional certifying bodies.

This course comes to make living simple and convenient by focussing on planning, designing and structuring the shelter with lavishness and style also keeping in mind the hierarchies of society ranging from middle to upper class.

This planning of physical structures goes beyond words with capturing the practices like spatial design, safety management till aesthetic management, material management and beyond.

In a developing country like India, where urbanisation is still in progress in numerous areas, the government is planning to improve the infrastructure, be it for house planning or industrialisation, for foreign interest growth.

This demand of the country is not strongly felt by the students, as revealed by the enrolment in the course throughout the country.

The salaries are described below: -

  • The initial salary for a fresher in this course would be INR 4-6 lakh per annum. When compared to engineering this is higher.
  • After 2-3 years of experience, for a candidate who has continuously updated himself/herself, the average salary (depends on the market trend) will have a hike of about INR 5-7 lakh per annum.
  • With the experience, skills and the type of projects, one has been associated, in no time professionals reach up to INR 15-17 lakh per annum.
  • There are high chances of getting a government job on a permanent or contractual basis.


An underrated course which has high scope in today's digital world is the Animation course. The animation in simple words can be explained as the process of making an illusion of movement or motion of an image by rapidly displaying a set of multiple images. This simple-in-words technique is capable of bringing life to the image by making it appear as if it is in motion. It requires shooting the subject one frame at a time and then presenting these images in rapid succession at high frames per second.

An animator makes use of procedures and techniques like- 2D hand drawing, 2D Computer generated, 3D Computer generated, stop motion etc to create animation sequences. This subject is very underrated in our country and the reasons are many but it is an evolving profession which has numerous opportunities in the market today. This is an interesting subject that combines knowledge of streams like science and arts.

This course requires computer knowledge and a creative mind. With the Indian industries working more on CGI technology, they are paving a way for creating a pool of vacancies for animators. They can work on CGI for movies, with higher-paying scales and creative work. With the evolution of the Indian movie industry, and it getting placed among the top creative industries in the world, there is a huge requirement for skilful animators to cater to the increasing needs of the industry.

The scope in terms of salary is described below:-

  • The initial salary would be INR 2-4 lakh per annum.
  • With an exposure of 2-3 years in the industry, the salaries would hike above INR 7-8 lakh per annum
  • This job profile is based on creativity, candidates with high skill and creativity will easily reach more than INR 15 lakh per annum in little time.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

One of the most famous and prestigious courses in India is MBBS. This is a 5.5 years undergraduate degree course. This 5.5 year includes 4.5 years of course study and 1 year of compulsory internship in the same field. With 9 semesters of overviewing various MBBS subjects and then the internship, all this converts an individual to a position where they are kept after God, as they are our saviours.

During this painful journey of COVID-19, we have realised the need for doctors in our populous country, where the ratio of doctors to population is 1:1800, whereas WHO has declared that this ratio should be 1:1000.

On clearing this exam of NEET, one can take admission in some prestigious medical colleges depending upon the rank secured. Applicants after completing MBBS can grab numerous job opportunities in reputed companies across not only India but globally. There are many job opportunities for meritorious aspirants in the private and public sectors.

The salary that candidates can get:-

  • For initial years in the service like from 0-5 years, the doctors can get a salary ranging from INR 6 to 8 lakh per annum.
  • After an experience of 0f 5-10 years, the salary increases and it can range between INR 10-12 lakh per annum.


BDS is another very famous course that a science student who has studied biology in 10+2, can opt for this promising course. Over time it is observed that the medical students who fail to get admission in MBBS choose BDS as their second option but the must-know fact is that Dentists earn more than many doctors today. This fact is supported by a survey that shows people in India have started realising the importance of oral health. Also, they want a good looking smile for which a good looking teeth set is a must, so from setting the teeth right, teeth whitening, braces, bridges etc the need of dentists have increased where today we need to make an appointment to meet a good dentist. But in India with a huge population here, there are very few dentists. This is the reason for the very high income for dentists.

  • The initial salary for the dentists in India is about INR 4-6 lakh per annum.
  • With good feedback from patients and experience of about 2-3 years, the salary can reach INR 11-12 lakh per annum.

Commercial Pilot

Doesn't matter how many times one has travelled via air, there is always something special about seeing our beautiful planet from above, amid the clouds. Just the sight can give us goose-bumps and bring that million-dollar smile. And even the dream of flying an aircraft gives us immense pleasure and confidence. Well, to become a pilot in India, you need to clear the entrance exam of the Flying School of India and their fitness test.

Commercial pilots don't mean an airline pilot only, but they can be a cargo pilot, tour pilots, or backcountry pilots. They can be flight instructors, ferry pilots or glider tow pilots.

The salary offered to pilots prove to be the cherry on the cake:

  • The starting airline pilot can earn from 11 lakh per annum to 15 lakh per annum and with experience and hours of flying this number increases in leaps and bounds.

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