What do biotechnologists do

Bio technologists are those who use biological organisms to develop, innovate products that can help in improving health and growth and the world around us. The biological processes of living organisms have been used for more than 6000 years to make essential products such as bread, cheese, alcohol, etc. A bio technologist studies the genetic attributes of cells, tissues and organisms in order to develop vaccines or develop new technologies that improve the human life. They work in various sectors like healthcare, bio fuels, agriculture, conservation etc. Bio technologists help in controlling and detecting pollution and contamination in the environment. They invent new things so as to help in dumping industrial waste and reduce the quantity of harmful substances in the air. They identify new diseases and work on how to make vaccines and cure certain disorders. 

Biotechnology excels in many branches. Forensics, plant sciences, cancer studies, genetics, DNA repair, molecular biology, pharmacology all of these fall under biotechnology. Work is often carried out in modern laboratories at hospitals, industrial lab units, factories or universities. A bio technologist has to work in sterile conditions and will need to wear protective clothing, such as a lab coat and safety glasses. 

As a bio technologist one can give answers to many problems, like searching new diseases and finding their cure, helping in knowing the conditions of climate change, fuel alternatives and food security. Biotechnology is leading to a new generation of health care, it improves our quality of life and develops methods for treating diseases. Bio technologists use high quality of laboratory equipment. The standard equipment includes microscopes, filters, pumps, evaporators and centrifuges. Many of their experiments are carried out with the help of computerized machines, which are able to perform highly complex and specialized tests in a relatively short space of time. They often work with hazardous chemicals and biological matter. 

Bio technologists work in laboratories and offices of universities, research institutes or processing plants. Bio technologists work in various fields, in environmental biotechnology, he works and finds ways to develop microorganisms and plants to clean polluted water. They also create renewable sources of energy and produce environment friendly raw materials for industry. In industrial biotechnology, they clone and produce enzymes for use in manufacturing food and drink. They create biological detergents and dyes for the textile industry, developing crops that are more resistant to pests and genetically modifying crops to increase productivity. In medical biotechnology, they study human genetics, proteins, antibodies, viruses, plants, fungi and bacteria to research and to treat diseases like cancer. They develop vaccines, therapies and hormones to treat the cause of a disease. They produce medicines using techniques. 

Biotechnology is widely used in energy production. Due to the depletion of natural resources, there is a need to find an alternative source. Such fuels are produced by using biotechnology tools. These are environment friendly and do not release any greenhouse gas. Biotechnology is greatly involved in the production of alcohol, detergents, cosmetic products etc.

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